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Simple things that {will not} take up an excessive amount of time and if done consciously and often will create a distinction to the approach you look and feel? Here’s what our beauty professional Suparna Trikha would suggest.

Most folks square measure currently busy making ready for the gala season. there is such a lot to do! Between decorating the house, shopping for new garments, searching for recipes for a gala feast, and organizing and attending several parties – we have got our hands full! All this will get pretty exhausting and one should beware of oneself, recall it is not only regarding smart|wealthy|filthy rich|prosperous|moneyed|well-to-do} however feeling good too which needs some effort. I have returned to believing recent years that a lot of folks do not even relish our festivals any longer as a result of we tend to square measure therefore tired and we tend toary by the time we’ve got unionized everything that though we could also be smiling through our pujas and parties our skin and hair appearance tired then will we from within. So, what square measure a number of the items that we {will|we can} do to seem and feel higher throughout the gala season? easy things that will not take up an excessive amount of time and if done consciously and often will create a distinction to the approach you look and feel.

Festive Skin and hair care

Dry-fruits square measure Associate in Nursing integral a part of most Indian festivals. together with all our festivals, return tons of dry fruits that we tend to pack away in jars to be used later. Here’s a much better thanks to using those almonds, and one which will not result in weight gain! Soak a minimum of ten almonds and have these daily once peeling them. If you do not have time for this then create a tiny low packet and blend in an exceedingly few raisins, figs, almonds, walnuts, and cashews and detain your purse the least bit times. Munch on once you feel the requirement to snack on oily savories.


Almond milk is also glorious and maybe created simply reception in your everyday mixer. attempt to have a tiny low glass of this daily to stay your energy levels high.

The gala season and dynamical weather impact the skin by creating it uneven and uninteresting. Dry fruits can even be wont to create an exquisite face scrub that will awaken your skin and nourish even the driest and patchiest of skins.

Festive Season Scrub

2 tbsp almond powder

2 tsp walnut powder

2 tsp oatmeal


Mix all of the higher than ingredients with enough cold milk to form a thick paste and apply to clean skin. Once it’s dried utterly, dab with milk and scrub in an exceedingly rotating manner gently scouring areas that will be discolored and uneven.

Another glorious scrub, and that I assume scrubs square measure vital for this weather, is one of all my uncomparable favorites for traditional to combination skin.

Fig contemporary Scrub

10 figs

1tsp chironji

2tsp kaoline clay

1tsp essence

1tsp yogurt

Grind the dry fruit in an exceedingly dry grinder and add the remainder of the ingredients to form a thick paste. Apply to cleansed skin and leave on until dry, dab with water and scrub off.

Simple Remedy For Stress-free SkinStress levels is often quite high throughout the pageant season as we tend to wear upon ourselves with inadequate hours of sleep. I believe some soothing camomile and lavender teas are often nice ways that of unreeling once a protracted exhausting day or in between chores.

Did you recognize Pooja flowers can even be wont to take care of your skin? Marigolds and roses square measure a number of the foremost common flowers utilized in the gala season, this year do not throw away these flowers however use them to form some nutritious masks for your skin and hair.

Flower Power Hair Mask

3tsb burn plant gel

Paste of ten flower buds

2tsb expressed almond oil

2tsb rosemary paste

If you cannot get rosemary, use 2-3drops of rosemary oil. combine everything well Associate in Nursingd apply from scalp to ends of hair and leave on for an hour before shampooing commonly.

Mix well and apply to cleansed skin and let it dry utterly. Avoiding talking or any facial movements throughout now. once it’s dried utterly, you may be able to feel the stretch on your skin. take with cold water and pat dry.

Keep ingestion contemporary Fruits

Raw foods have an excellent result on the body. Not solely does one feel your energy levels go up, contemporary foods have a positive impact on the approach your skin and hair appearance too. So, once you square measure shopping for fruits for puja do not make known everything as prasad, keep some for yourself too. create it a degree to crumble at least five items of contemporary fruit daily be it Associate in Nursing apple, orange, a bowl of pomegranate, papaya, or kiwi.

Pick up dish sticks between your organizing chores. I forever feel stocking au courant healthy alternatives to munch on within the icebox helps create ingestion healthy and easier. Be it carrot sticks, celery sticks, cucumbers, or raw radish, eat the maximum amount and in lots to stay your metabolism and energy levels high!

Enjoy the gala season. on balance it’s you, your family, friends, and worshipped ones which will create it one thing to recollect by. and appearance once yourself to be able to take care of them. Believe Pine Tree State these easy however effective tips can assist you for a protracted, while to come!

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