Tips for younger hands and feet

One (or two) of the for most neglected body components area unit hands & feet.

Some of the US would possibly assume solely laundry these are going to be enough, thus even neglect to try and do so. (Creepy, I know!)

Our hands and feet 1st show signs older, this what you are doing or not doing to those components are attending to show eventually.

Before I begin writing regarding the taking care half, I even have to share a bit of a story with you all.

When I was taking the course for a change of state (makeup, skincare, hairdressing), the day they were teaching the US the way to do a Mani-Pedicure, I volunteered.

I had ne’er done my Mani-Pedi by knowledgeable. thus I used to be excited!

I Sat down on the chair…the woman checked out my feet and exclaimed, “Her feet area unit already clean. wherever ought to I do the pedicure?!”

I ought to have taken it as a compliment however somehow I felt pained.

If you recognize or see the $64000 story behind spas’ or parlors’ Mani-Pedi story… you will shudder!

Some of the purchasers ne’er bit their feet (cleaning could be a distant story!)

Some area units thus “busy” that they hesitate to try and do an easy issue like cutting their nails.


These stories created Pine Tree State feel sick too… however, if the several US wouldn’t hesitate to try and do things on their own, the spas wouldn’t have any customers and conjointly World Health Organization doesn’t like pampering, right?

Anyway, back to our “taking care” half.

Today I’m showing some tips on however you’ll be able to do your Mani-Pedi reception while not cost accounting major USD.



You can cut the nails of your hands in any form you prefer. There area unit several shapes to settle on from.

Here area unit some examples:

As for me, I favor staying my nails simply a bit on the far side of my fingertips and in a very squoval form.

For feet, it’s higher to chop the nails sq… If you narrow those in associate oval form, there’s an opportunity to suspend nails and infection.

Some words of advice:

Do not use your nails as an instrument….like an opener.

If you’re a nail person, please stop doing it.

If you employ cosmetics frequently, offer those babies an occasion and pay some nail-polish-free days.

Cut your nails short at the primary sign of breakage.

Do not cut cuticles! [The cuticle is that the skin that grows from the finger onto the bottom of the nail or nail root.]

Push the cuticle gently back with an associate orangewood stick or a soft material.


You do not need to do something further if you’re taking care of your hands and feet daily at the shower.

Keep the laundry half for the last. as a result of the water from your body can thus often the skin of your feet so after you brush your feet once cleanup your whole body, the method are going to be easier.

Use pumice to slough away calluses if you have got any.

Clean your feet a minimum of doubly daily, within the shower and before attending to bed.


Yes, I do know I continuously keep spoken language “Moisturize this, humidify that” however trust Pine Tree State, in the future, you’ll impart Pine Tree State for this! Most of the time, we tend to ne’er humidify our hands once laundry. Some might say, “Who has the time?!”

Well, if you simply add some very little steps in your way of life, these won’t desire further work.Take associate empty hand-soap instrumentation (or something with a pump).Mix one-half oil (or ointment or coconut oil) with three components of water.Keep this concoction close to your sink, so every time you wash your hands you’ll be able to simply take a pump and apply it onto your hands. simply shake well before you employ.


If you don’t need to splurge in any hand creams,  keep a bit jar along with your usual body cream in your purse. Whenever you wash it or desire it’s obtaining drier (due to seasonal amendment or AC) simply take some and massage onto your hands & digits.

After a shower and before attending to bed humidify with thick cream. I exploit Nivea lotion in the daytime and mineral jelly at midnight. It’s cheap and wide on the market.


Please do not; I repeat, don’t forget to use sun protectants after you area unit going out at day time.

Some of my readers complained regarding their dark feet.

Well, most of the darkness cause thanks to exposure to the sun, for a few it’s genetic and for a few, it’s simply an accumulation of everyday dirt.

So if you wish to avoid early spots and wrinkling


Our hands and feet area unit is frequently subjected to everyday wear & tear. thus typically those would like further care.

Here is however you’ll be able to produce spa-Esque expertise at your home.

Take a bowl with heat water.

Add one teaspoon of hydrogen carbonate [it could be an extraordinary exfoliant!] you’ll be able to conjointly build hands-feet scrub by victimization three components hydrogen carbonate and one-half water.

Slice a lemon and place it within the mixture [for freshness and anti-inflammatory properties]

Now place your hands or feet into this mixture and allow them to soak well.

Take an outsized brush (for feet) or a little unused toothbrush (for hands & nails).

Clean below your nails, the higher and lower half in a mild circular motion.

Wash the whole residue in clear water.


If you wish, you’ll be able to skip this step. however, this mask is admittedly useful for removing dark spots. you’ll be able to see the amendment even once the 1stuse.

What will you need:

Lemon- 1

Potato- 1

Turmeric- one

Milk- one tbsp


Cut all the ingredients and mix well. Add milk.

Apply the paste onto your hands and feet and let it sit for 20-30 minutes.

Wash with cool water and humidify as was common.

You can apply this mask once or doubly per week. however, you want to use ointment if you employ this mask.

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