5 Reasons Why Sleep Is Important for Fat Loss


How much sleep you get may be as important as how much exercise you get and what you eat.
If you do not get enough sleep, your brain will look for energy elsewhere, such as high-calorie foods and sugars.
Your appetite is controlled by two hormones, one of which is known as the hunger hormone (ghrelin) and the other as the fullness hormone (leptin).
These two companions are there to balance out your cravings, but lack of sleep causes them to become unbalanced.

1. A lack of sleep may increase the appetite and better the chance of becoming obese.

Hormones play an important role in appetite and sleep regulation, so sleeping less disrupts your hormones.
This, in turn, can make you want to eat high-calorie foods, even if you just ate a meal an hour ago.

What you should do:

  • Sleep in a dark room — being exposed to light makes it more difficult to fall and stay asleep, as well as increasing your risk of obesity.
  • Take it easy and avoid overstressing yourself; this can lead to poor sleep and weight gain.
  • Go to bed early — sleeping late causes you to consume more calories.


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