I’m Meeting My Boyfriend’s Parents for the First Time! How Do I Make Them Like Me?


Hi everyone!

How have you been, guys? I spent another evening reading your sweet messages (THANK YOU for causation them to me), and that i found a message from Amber. She is meeting her boyfriend’s oldsters for the primary time and it’s like she’s very disquieted concerning it.

Hi Amber! you need to feel extremely NERVOUS! I’ve been there too, therefore believe me after I say there’s really NOTHING to stress ABOUT! i used to be actually petrified of meeting my boyfriend’s oldsters for the primary time too, however after we met, i spotted they were the kindest and nicest people. we have a tendency to talked for a couple of hours straight and that i didn’t want to depart their house the least bit that day! He-he. therefore i need you to require a deep breath and relax. And, of course, I’ll share some tips that helped me, and that i hope they will assist you too.

Here’s what you’d higher DO and NOT DO once you meet Henry’s oldsters for the primary time.


  • Try to not demonstrate your tenderness too openly. It will create your boyfriend’s folks feel awkward. simply don’t do something you wouldn’t kill front of your own parents.
  • keep one’s eyes off from debatable and private topics, like politics, religion, or health. select positive and fascinating topics for conversation.
  • DO:

  • A safe and fascinating topic for a voice communication is your lover’s childhood. Who can tell you a lot of regarding him as a baby than his parents? raise them to inform you a couple of funny stories from your boyfriend’s childhood, and I’m certain they’ll be glad to share them.
  • conveyance a touch gift may be a good plan. you’ll be able to ask your boyfriend to grant you some of concepts for a decent present for his momma and dad. Such little gestures can leave a long-lasting impression.
  • It’s higher to decorate in modest clothes. however it’s conjointly a good idea to choose an outfit that may show your personality. thus decide a snug outfit which will assist you act naturally and feel relaxed.
  • raise your lover to inform you a lot of regarding his oldsters. this can help you get the sensation that you just already understand them a bit, and you most likely won’t feel that nervous.
  • Tell them more about yourself. Henry’s parents would probably prefer to learn more about you too. Be able to tell them more about your family, interests, and hobbies. Giving a couple of compliments to your boyfriend’s parents would even be nice. you’ll be able to say that you appreciate their home decor, food, or the manner they raised their son. simply don’t say TOO several compliments, as a result of that will sound awkward and insincere.
  • And, the foremost important tip: simply BE YOURSELF. Don’t attempt to fake to be somebody else just to create your boyfriend’s oldsters like you. this is often a road to nowhere. If the two of you retain dating, his parents will understand who the $64000 Amber is anyway. thus just be yourself and luxuriate in the evening!

Well, Amber, I hope this helps! Please send Pine Tree State a message once the meeting is over and share your impressions!

Guys, what did you are feeling like after you met your important other’s oldsters for the primary time? What did you speak about? however did you behave? Let’s chat within the comments!


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