Never Say These 5 Things To A Neurodivergent Child


Being an adult, let alone a child, is difficult in these times of school shootings and global health crises. When a child has a developmental disorder or a mental illness, the difficulties multiply tenfold. It is more important than ever to ensure that our children are healthy and safe, but also that they feel heard, comforted, and understood.#(never-say-these-5-things-to-a-neurodivergent-child)

Unfortunately, not everyone understands the impact that harsh words can have on their children. Not everyone understands what a child is going through, let alone how to help them. We’ve been convinced that the only way for children to grow up strong is for them to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and never show signs of weakness. However, you’d be surprised at how far validation can go.can progress in a child’s development

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